OrioleDB key features


The novel design of OrioleDB avoids typical bottlenecks of database engines


Write transactions produce noticeably less IO thanks to logical WAL and non-persistent undo log

Data Compression

Page-level data compression reduces typical database size in 4-5 times

Bloat Reduction

Less bloat thanks to efficiently handled in-place update

Less Maintenance

Lower maintenance required resulting in less operational costs

High Transaction Throughput

Efficient transactional processing leads to high throughput.

Extraordinary scalability

The novel design of OrioleDB removes major DBMS scalability bottlenecks. OrioleDB unleashes the power of modern hardware achieving extraordinary performance.

Reduced resources usage

OrioleDB’s architecture dramatically reduces the resources used for transaction processing.

PostgreSQL DNA

OrioleDB plugs into the very popular RDBMS PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database, to allow you to leverage existing PostgreSQL expertise and familiarity and achieve greater performance and easier maintainability

Open Source

OrioleDB is open source. Download. Get involved.

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Watch a recent presentation to learn more about the internals of OrioleDB.



Visit our github repository.

Visit our github